What We Do

So What Can We Do For Your Business?

We at Unique Renewables are on a Biomass Energy Mission To:

  • Reduce your Heating / Hot Water Energy Costs by on average by 20%*
  • To Increase Your Profitability
  • Help your Business ‘Lead the Field’ with CSR - Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy Targets.

Simply we offer a ‘One – Stop Solution’ Total Heating and Hot Water Solution that allows your business to focus on its core activities, whilst we take care of your heating and hot water energy needs.

Our Unique Energy Package Benefits You!

  • No capital or complex Lease Costs, No up Front Fees, No Management Fees – just one simple energy payment   - you know where you stand with us!
  • No Maintenance or Labour issues and no fuss, - we take care of everything from project specification / design to full implementation and management.

Our Unique Energy Offering - Gives You Peace of Mind:

  • It is fixed, index linked, so you know where you stand with Unique - no hidden charges, or surprise energy price hikes! 
  • Is well proven as a low Carbon Fuel source, we will even green stamp your business!
  • Totally Ethical, Sustainable, as well as Profitable for your business when compared with fossil fuel sources.
  • Our Total – Biomass Heating Energy Management Solution allows you to concentrate on your business more effectively, whilst we take care of everything else.
  • Backed by 60 yrs industrial experience and knowledge of commercial heating and hot water requirements covering all industrial and commercial sectors.
  • For your first and last port of call in Biomass Energy contact us and let us do all the rest for you!